Cupcake Decorating Parties

Runner Up The Best Party Entertainer

Little Ankle Biters Awards 2019

How about something different, original and edible for your child’s next birthday party?

Our children’s parties have been a huge success.  As well as the children having lots of fun, it is a great activity to engage a budding baker in the kitchen.  All dietary requirements can be catered for, including those of an individual child.

Who are the parties for?

We recommend these parties for children aged 5 upwards. 

We have age appropriate designs for each class, and the theme of the tutorial can be decided by the birthday child prior to the party.  This party will last approximately 1.5 hours, depending on the pace of the children with their creations.

We provide EVERYTHING and take home all the mess!  All you need to provide is enough table space for each guest; they don’t even need a chair as they often stand.  This can be at your own home, a venue of your choosing or we can supply a local venue in Wokingham on an exclusive basis, Aroma Coffee Shop.


What will each guest leave with?

  • 4-6 freshly baked cupcakes they have decorated
  • A paper chef’s hat they will have personalised at the start of the session
  • A personalised cupcake box they have decorated to store their cupcakes in
  • One child will leave with the pass the parcel prize.

*Please note there is no baking involved, we bring the cupcakes pre baked.
We provide you with a pass the parcel which has a Sweet ‘n’ Flour fabric apron as the gift, including a sweet on each layer.  This is designed to be used while I am clearing away the table to keep the children entertained, however, you can use it however you want.


Please note the minimum number required is 6 children, and a maximum of 30 children.  Dates and times are arranged to suit you, but please book early to avoid disappointment.   One adult is required to stay onsite with parties up to 10 children, 10-30 two additional adults are required on site, but do not need to be involved.  You can sit back and enjoy a moment or two while we entertain the children.

We offer two package sizes, based on the age of the children.

For children 5-7 we suggest they have the 6 cupcake package as they will make less complicated designs and this will allow the party to last the approx. 1.5 hours.
6 cupcake party package is £17.50 pp

For children age 8 upwards then we suggest the 4 cupcake party package due to them creating more detailed designs, although they are welcome to have the 6 cupcake package.

4 cupcake package is £15.00 pp

  • What a fantastic cupcake decorating party!

    Ana was super organised, kept them entertained & interested. They loved it and the results are awesomely yummy .
    She’d thought of everything including a pass the parcel while she clears away – with a sweet n flour apron! Awesome

    Vanessa Hemmi

  • Thank you for a fab party, Anna. The kids all had great fun, loved decorating the cupcakes – and they taste amazing!
    Anna was very friendly, brilliant with the kids and even took all the mess home! Thank y

    Claire Metcalfe

  • My daughter had Ana do her cupcake party this afternoon. The kids had the best time decorating their cupcakes. Ana gave them lots of ideas and showed them how to make various creations such as a mermaid tail and a unicorn. I would definitely book this party again!!

    Phyllis Maguire Harrington

  • Hi Anna, thanks for a wonderful party today. Holly and her friends loved all their cupcake decorating!! X

    Nicola Thomas